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Painful Romance

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Wah Mohabbat....pehle to tumne neend chheen li. Aur ab uppar se yeh toofani barish ka bhi har-taraf uchhalna. O' paani re paani, thoda zulm aur badha de...aaj raat humko bhi unhi ke kareeb baha de.
(Ah, this painful began by snatching away my sleep. And now, the violent night rain starts to prance in all directions. O' water, dear water, shower me with some more torment.... On this beautiful night of flooding, cast me closer to her).

Damp Puff

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Engulfed in the depressing mode;
They reached the contending zone.

The bodily chimes and its din;
Emotions sliding into the bin.

In darkness within was the weapon;
That crushed doubts stumbled upon.

He found her after nights of pledging;
She chose to push the frightful hedging.

Knowing it wasn't over yet;
Life still remained a bet.

Lustful damp smoke filled their lungs;
Intertwined and restless were their limbs.

Emotional Sin

The 'lyrical nights' full of togetherness; They kept us warm and restless.
Days now go by without a word; Nor sweet mutterings of  birds.
Wanting to live life like freaks; We have turned into geeks.
I razzed her each day for not giving me time; Knowing  life is anything but grime.
The friendship had become such a habit; And, I couldn't help being rabid.
Moments wane and turn grim;
Our small, wild emotional sin!

Unhurled Howl

Shanto poribeshe-er awaj onek jore sona jachhe...... Jodi aami jontronay chillai ta hole ki tomar shanto baibohar bodlabe….  seta dekhai shudhu baki achhe aar....
(I can hear the echo of your silence such far away from where you are....

When I scream in pain, will your silence change its tone?  This is still left for me to experience......)

Piercingly Punic

The once blithe chats sink in the calmed ocean of upheaval in the day;
Rising incessantly past-midnight with perfidious feather-touch of her keyboard.
Her fresh photographs sporadically emerge out, volcano-like from the leviathan shores;
 And mockingly rush to merge with the imagery that I often pray for to abandon me.

Surfaced Truth

My fingers want to know your face' contours; the tongue needs to cleanse its shining pores.
Let not my eyes open till you know I have dissolved my love in yours......

New Dew

She came like the dew on a drying sunflower and became its gloss I wondered and thought if the flower needed the dew drop to skirt dying of thirst;
Or was it the tiny droplet that was destined not to be dissolved in dust I got the answer with a thunderous cloudburst ...the downpouring with all its thrust
As I saw the children joyously do the rain-dance; like the sunflower and the dew drop loving in a wondrous trance.


Everything exists nothing has value Lies is all they tell you Swearing by truth for deceiving Talking love for receiving Trying to talk intellectual in vain Spreading discontentment and pain Correcting mistakes by blunder Making love in the thunder Facing the mirror to use loads of paint With an attempt to look a bit quaint Cheapness gets personified Avarice, thus recognised Yet, the hidden self emerges; Vanity always surges Present forever diminishes the worth of past Future holds no meaning and life is supremely lost….