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Shutterbug & Me


"There is no better companion than silence, no better friend than nature, no better critic than a shadow, no better lover than imagination, no better device than a still camera, no better worship than music and no better reward than satisfaction. " - rVc


Sufism and Love

The word Sufi (pronounced as soo-fee) comes from the Greek word Sopho or wisdom. Sufis are involved with LOVE - for God and for all living beings. There is no dichotomy for him (Sufi) in the meaning or understanding of love. He/she ‘lives’ on his terms.

To eat food with a beggar or the diseased is as pleasurable to him/her (a Sufi) as dining with a King. There is no difference. He follows the instinct – the heart. There is hardly any room in his heart for ego. The Hindu temple and the Muslim mosque are the same places for a Sufi. He revels (& rebels) outside these structures ! Sufism is a religion of passion, a religion of the heart. While the Buddhist seeks the "giving of up desire," the Sufis forget the self through the celebration of their desire for union with God and, often with the beloved representative of God's beauty - the human subject of the practitioner's zeal.

The Sufi, thus, burns the candle of his heart on both ends, ultimately burnin…


I am a second-generation journalist. I hold a masters degree in mass communication with over three-decades active, worthwhile journalism practice  with leading dailies, web portals, PR and media companies in India and overseas.

Ironically, I have had the fortune to teach photo-journalism apart from media studies etc to university students but haven't been able to practice photography in a professional manner. My inspiration to photography comes from both - the love for images that last longer than human life span and my father's desire for me to take up photography as a profession.

The aesthetics of the human body lie especially in its versatility to work as a fighting machine when trained in martial arts or in amatory affairs! My father, also a journalist, was an avid amateur/compulsive photo-shooter. He felt his greatest material loss during the Partition of India were the photo-albums he couldn't bring with him from Sialkot to New Delhi. But he did manage to brin…


Istill remember those heights How I needed you then
Why I needed you when
I wanted to ask you all…
But decided to let it fall
If this is how you wanted to be
I could only let it be
So what if I wished for too much
But if I had wished for you…

Eye Contacted


There is nothing greater than your being mine I’m crazy for those beautiful eyes of thine

There are things I’d like to say When we’ll be in the middle of that unique way A year is a collection of our moments If we but subtract the laments We have both loved without any fear; I’d like to share with you my yet another year…