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A second-generation journalist, having worked with five leading national English newspapers and edited/mentored niche magazines, online media ventures and a stint with a few publications in New York and Toronto. I like photography, editing meaningful manuscript(s), watching good cinema, meeting communicative people and just being by myself with music. I collect and review jazz (as hobby) and dabble a bit in words and love reminiscing the golden days...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



I am a second-generation journalist. I hold a masters degree in mass communication with two-decades of active, worthwhile journalism practice with leading dailies and media companies in India and overseas.

Ironically, I have had the fortune to teach photo-journalism to university students but haven't been able to practice it in a professional manner. My inspiration to photography comes from both - the love for images that last longer than human life span and my father's desire for me to take up photography as a profession.

The aesthetics of the human body lie especially in its versatility to work as a fighting machine when trained in martial arts or in amatory affairs! My father, also a journalist, was an avid amateur/compulsive photo-shooter. He felt his greatest material loss during the Partition of India were the photo-albums he couldn't bring with him from Sialkot to New Delhi. But he did manage to bring an antique Agfa Gaevert camera astride an Indian Army truck. That antique camera, I cherish as a relic.

I am jaded with the written and spoken word. Photographs give me that silent but a copious expressiveness. This blog is dedicated - to Sufism - the religion of pure love;the alchemy of the heart ! I start this blog with a few poems that I wrote in yesteryear, they have all of a sudden come alive and I am posting them with a sense of deja vu. It rekindles the bard in me...as I start afresh writing some paeans for love.

Though the photographs that accompany the poems are not necessarily by me, as I have yet to tackle the shutterbug with finesse and I am on that tough turf now, practicing hard. But I know, photographs are a perfect extension of the way we see this world and the way others, perhaps, must see it....


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