Two Lips and Tulips

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Flirting in rain and sultry wind are two tulips-like Lewis and Flora. Playing games and music to tease, bound in endless nature’s fragrance at ease. 
Flora laughs, frolics and vanishes. Lewis looks around and holds her by the hand then by toe and feels her smooth, shapely hips...

Porn is not born for Lewis. Touching her all over in the faded, worn out blue jeans worn in a hurry, the gaps are wide and newly torn. Lewis slides beneath Flora’s creamy thighs reaching new highs

Two lips like newly blossomed tulips are arranged in hands with gloves of love. Flora slowly brings the drum-stick near her perfect bosom and bums. Lewis hands over the flute to Flora for soothing her shiny lips

A tune they start to play in a garden ‘down under’ jumping together soon on a sofa meant for Flora. Lewis caresses Flora in her home making love after downing a few shots of concocted vodka. 

Two sealed lips like one on top of the other intertwined as inseparable yellow and mellow-blue tulips in a dense and dark, wild fauna. Lewis and Flora 'spellbound' for days in fermented bodily aroma...


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  2. Beautiful. And I love the title - Two lips and Tulips ❤️

  3. Wonderful.
    Reminds me something down the memory lane.
    Keep it up.
    R.K. Mishra


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