Chiselled chin

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cloudburst without the thunder; her perfumed body wouldn’t let me sleep a wink as I walked thirstily to my desk by the bedside. I talked to her by myself at once holding her face, licking her pointed chin and reaching for her back rubbing my hand all over it.

She didn’t stop me nor spoke a word as I ruffled her short-roughed up hair tasting her shapely, salty fingers back and forth that usually hold the pointed brush to paint music icons.

My thick fingers in contrast brushed over her eyelids and caressed them to close. I slid my face towards hers and sucked her upper lip and paused to proceed for the lower. Her soft earlobe kept my fingers wanting for more. We smooched like I had never before. I felt at once the frisson in her delicate body and the sweat of her underarms. She sighed shyly and I looked into her probing eyes and confessed I shall put this daydream on paper.

You seldom write poetry but I do remember you had once said you would for me. Your sweet silence propelled me to, I whispered holding her now against my chest. You know dearest J - when we love someone we can’t cheat on our feelings. She smiled coyly and our hands refused to unclasp...


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