An ode to the broken man

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He lies under the
shadow of the 
reading spotlight 
hearing the glisten in
the eeriness of his soul

Don't  mock the broken man

He smells of going fishing with
friends and his fine lass
walking back on the pale grass

 The memories keep playing truant not the 
dreams he sees of them then and now...

Don't mock the broken man

He gets visions of her bosom and his hands never wanting to let go
as she first helped him slide them inside her black denim shirt 

Romancing to make him feel her under the skirt skin

Don’t mock the broken man

Rich forever he shall be. Memories for breakfast and same for 
dessert. They in unison stroked and smoked weed and satisfied their greed

Best indeed

Don't mock the broken man

Has dawn knocked?  He hears the crows and parrots outside the
balcony trying to peep

 for their pointed beak feeling a wee weak

A gush of yesteryear gets him...

Will you mock the broken man?


  1. Excellent & Excellent. No other words for this fine composition.
    R.K. Mishra

  2. Another beauty. You have a kind heart, Ravi.

    1. Another beauty. You have a kind heart, Ravi.
      Love it, Philip Cucinella

    2. Thanx for kind words and encouragement dear Philip. Hug!


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