Hurray for Burray!

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Burray enters a new world lilac and green

He got no sleep nor did he weep

Lying down on knees he was weedy and weak

He didn’t walk or hear or speak

Never wanted her to be a sheep

In such pincer duress just simple caress

Seeing Burray sad I felt like his dad

The fur and the broken pause

He said it with frozen paws

Her smile his best balm

Bru is a corn

He understands the storm

Inside the house who plays foul

Burray and Bru got no grouse

Bru calls me Papa

He loves Frank Zappa!

The din is unlike the fallen pin

No replacement after displacement

Burray was meek

BrĂ¹ heard someone creep

He stares and falls asleep

Then again up for his meal

 Lilac and green...

Hurrayyyy! shouts Bru for Burray...


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